21 Day Sugar Detox: Week 2 Recap

I actually finished up Week 2 a few days ago, so here’s my late recap on how it went:
Day 8:  Woke up hungry, but not nearly as bad as the previous week.  Craved bread big time.  The Beef & Broccoli recipe was really good.  Our cat agrees as he was willing to stand on a warm stovetop in order to eat the steak out of the pan.  Thankfully we had already served ourselves.
Day 9:  Felt okay overall, but a little tired.  Tired of having to make snacks so I craved ready-made snacks, especially chips!  Made the Herb Drop Biscuit recipe to satisfy the still-present bread craving.
Day 10:  Turning point of the program for me!  Woke up feeling good, not hungry, not tired.  I think my blood sugar levels officially evened out to where they could handle the overnight fast.
Day 11:  Felt good, but needed to eat every couple hours to prevent a “crash.”
Day 12:  Made sunflower seed butter from scratch, which was pretty good.  Discovered I can only tolerate small amounts though.
Day 13:  Needed to snack less, not as hungry throughout the day.
Day 14:  Lots of cravings and really tired of cooking for every meal, but feeling good.
Thoughts:  My main takeaway from Week 2 is that I’ve decided the diet portion of this program has way too much meat.  I’ve mentioned the diet is primarily Paleo, and it’s just not for me.  I know some people love Paleo, but I can’t see a reason to have meat be my primary source of protein at every single meal.  I’m looking forward to introducing other non-soy, non-meat protein sources back into my diet when I’ve finished the detox.  There were days where I felt I needed to detox from meat, so Week 2 lunches often consisted of vegetables and salads.
So happy about Day 10 – the turning point!  The author suggested that Days 7-10 were when most people started to feel better and it was true for me.  Since then, I’ve felt fine every day.  The first week was rough, so I’m definitely happy to be beyond that part of the program.
Like I said, I’m behind in sharing my recap, and I actually finish the program this coming Sunday so I’ll be posting my final recap soon.  Very much looking forward to saying that I completed The 21 Day Sugar Detox!

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